Indian Paragliding Pilot Census
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Indian Paragliding Pilot Census

Every Pilot Counts

We are conducting a census to collect information on Indian paragliding pilots. An online database of all paragliding pilots will be helpful in maintaining a communication channel between the authorities and the pilot community through a democratic association / federation. This will also help to identify the local / regional strength of PG pilots, resulting in formation of regional bodies which will support the parent national organisation.

Your information and support is essential in the ongoing effort to form a unified democratic paragliding association / federation.

together we can find solutions to all these issues...

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Disclaimer :
The registration process is only for the census. It does not bind you to join any existing or proposed organization. Also, it does not automatically makes you a member for the discussion board at PARAGLIDINGFORUM.IN

Paragliding Forum - India is not an association / federation / club / society or institution in any form.