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Indian Paragliding Team

Indian Paragliding Team

12th FAI World Paragliding Championship : Piedrahita, Spain

The Three-Member Indian Paragliding Team is participating in The 12th FAI World Paragliding Championship at Piedrahita, Spain.

Gurpreet DhindsaGurpreet Dhindsa Nokia Axis para Mercury
Debu ChaudharyDebu Choudhury Nokia Ozone R11
Vijay SoniVijay Soni   Ozone Mantra 10.2

Results (Provisional)

T1.1 2011-07-05 Race to Goal 1539,3 km
T1.2 2011-07-06 Race to Goal 74,8 km

For each Task - Overall position (Points earned)
Gurpreet Dhindsa 118 (0) 122 (144) 136 (144)
Debu Choudhury 118 (0) 87 (470) 110 (470)
Vijay Soni 50 (816) 101 (263) 66 (1079)

12th FAI World Paragliding Championships come to a close
As a result of the tragic events in the second task of this FAI event, and after due consideration of all the information available, the CIVL Bureau has decided, under its executive powers, and with the full support of the FAI Executive Board, to suspend the certification of Competition Class Paragliders, with immediate effect. As a result, the organisers have decided that it is not possible to continue with further tasks that meet the aims of World and Continental championships, as set out in the FAI Sporting Code. The two tasks flown to date are both valid under the rules and are therefore sufficient to meet the minimum requirements set out in Section 7B.

Team India finished 40th (1549 points) at the 12th FAI World Paragliding Championship at Piedrahita, Spain.

For detailed results visit Piedrahita 2011 Official Site


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Piedrahita 2011 Event details

12th FAI World Paragliding Championship

Event classification: First Category Event
Type of event: World Championship

Place: Piedrahita (Spain)
Date(s): 03 Jul to 16 Jul 2011
Event organiser : Piedrahita